MicroBeta® Liquid Scintillation Counter

MicroBeta® JET is a multi-detector instrument designed for liquid scintillation or luminescence detection of samples in microplates, tubes or on filters.

Three different MicroBeta models are available. Two manually loaded models have sample capacities of up to 16 or 32 plates. The third model is fitted with an external loading platform for fully automatic loading by robot systems.

MicroBeta JET also includes one or more reagent injectors for measuring prompt (or 'flash‘) reactions. Multi-detector versions of the instrument can have one or two Injector Modules installed to measure one or two injection and counting sequences. The single detector MicroBeta JET can have up to four Injector Modules.


• Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 6 detectors, which can count in 96- and 24-well formats. Software features include the facility to count non-standard 4 x 6 formats.

• Unique detector design consists of two photomultiplier tubes (PMT), one positioned above the sample and one below. These count the sample from the top and bottom at the same time (coincidence counting), providing the best possible counting geometry and excellent counting efficiency for every assay type. MicroBeta is suitable for counting scintillation proximity assays with FlashBlue™ or SPA; filtration assays (e.g., with Millipore MultiScreen™); tissue culture plates; all solid (or dry) scintillators such as MeltiLex®; yttrium silicate; FlashPlate® microplates; and liquid scintillation counting are all ideal for use with the MicroBeta.


     Used Wizard® Automatic Gamma Counter

Wizard® Automatic Gamma Counter

The Wizard® is an automatic gamma counter with an improved sample changer system. This permits the use of well-type detectors – the key to superior counting performance.

With their almost 4 π geometry, well-type detectors provide the best counting efficiency. Also, WIZARD‘s unique sample changer design means no crosstalk from samples on the conveyor.

In terms of performance, WIZARD is unbeatable. Over the following pages we will present more information on this and on WIZARD‘s many other exciting features.


1, 2, 5 or 10 detectors: There is a WIZARD to fit every clinical and research application. WIZARD uses true well-type detectors for maximum efficiency and resolution.
EASY GLP: To comply with GLP, WIZARD monitors 9 detector parameters and provides documentation automatically.
Accepts all RIA tubes and vials
MCA technology
High resolution 1024-channel multi-channel analyzer dedicated to each detector.
Upgradable: 1, 2 and 5 detectors models can be easily updated to higher throughput models. Software upgrades can be made simply by changing a disk.
Built in data reduction

With its RIACalc WIZ, the comprehensive built in data reduction program, WIZARD is a complete, stand alone RIA counter. An easy to use, powerful package which not only supports all response programs but also includes a complete set of quality assurance software.


Our refurbished instruments are meticulously tested and guaranteed to be in excellent condition.

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